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Beijing 2008 Pictures

Luxurious Palace In Forbidden City Is Renovated


Forbidden City ♦ Beijing, China I went here so long ago. The Chinese had just opened up there country to outsiders and the forbidden city was wide open and not yet protected with lots of ropes and guards. You could basically just walk around in and out of all the rooms. Sit in the thrones, get up close to it all. Amazing. Tough trip though. nothing to buy, and horrible food.


Perfection. gymnastics. Shawn Johnson on balance beam at Beijing 2008, Olympics People need to realize this is done on a 4 inch wide beam. Gymnasts work harder than ever to train and its amazing what we can do.


Here’s another Koolhaas, the CCTV Building in Beijing. 2008. I’m pretty sure this is not how it actually looks at night, but it was the clearest picture I could find. What a gorgeous transformation of the basic skyscraper:’)