Disciplinary Chart! Mine would look different but I like this idea! We have a chart right now that I do on poster board and use stickers with happy or sad faces. This would save so much money in the long run and it looks better too!

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Behaviour management mr potato head! Add an object when class good, remove if bad! Class get prize if he gets it all!

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A new version of the behavior chart for elementary classrooms! This behavior chart focuses on effort and growth mindset. Students are able to better understand why they are moving up or down on the chart. It's all about working hard and giving their best effort in all areas throughout the school day.

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I have tried a variety of classroom management ideas over the years...names on the board with checkmarks, (okay, that was 30 years ago), mov...

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New Behavior System- I never liked how the students always forgot why they moved their clip on the clip chart-this might be a solution for next year!

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For the beginning of the year at least. Even big kids need practice with appropriate noise level.

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Classroom behavioral management idea. I wonder if I could do this with my high schoolers?? Of course without the time out. I would use just the green, yellow and red. That way they can see where they stand for the day

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