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Grab this Behavior Bingo FREEBIE for a fun approach to classroom management!

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Best Behavior BINGO: Free Download (The Art of Education)

Best Behavior BINGO: Free Download


One of our favorite whole group classroom management games is "Behavior Bingo." I attach the bingo card on my whiteboard. In the beginning of the year, I like to use the board with only 25 numbers. As the year progresses, I print the "Behavior Bingo" hundreds board poster size. Then, I watch for good choices!


Behavior Bingo is a fun behavior incentive for your class! Each time students are following the classroom expectations they earn a number to mark off on the bingo board. If they get a whole row filled in, they win their reward.Students are highly motivated to earn numbers.

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3 Simple Classroom Management Tips You Can Try Tomorrow

You Oughta Know about some Classroom Management tips. Behavior BINGO works beautifully to get kids to work together for a common goal.


Behavior BINGO. setting this up THIS WEEK! Large 100 chart for the classroom, class rewards when they get BINGO. Earn 1 sticker for perfect class attendance and no tardies, or for good behavior in the hallway, etc. 2 stickers for a compliment, etc. Teacher keeps # 1-100 in a bucket and draws out when they earn a sticker, so they never know which numbers will be covered yet.


or whole class behavior, we love Behavior BINGO! It's a great way to encourage great behavior choices and practice essential math skills as well. Students can earn numbers for hallway behavior, encore class behavior (music, art, PE, library, computer lab), cafeteria behavior, etc. Once we earn 10 in a row--it's BINGO! Students vote on our reward during weekly class meetings.


This post is loaded with 30 classroom management ideas for the Kindergarten, primary and elementary classroom! Classroom management tips and tricks for whole brain teaching, alternative seating, bucket fillers, and so much MORE, including a behavior bingo FREEBIE!


Twinkl Resources >> Superhero Sticker/Stamp Reward Chart >> Classroom printables for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary School and beyond! Rewards, Sticker Charts, Class Management, Behavior


I made these into reward balls. I had the kids pick rewards, then I wrote a reward on each ball. At the start of each day the kids pick a ball and work towards that goal with good behavior! Great for my son with ADHD!