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The awesome Tommy Kinnerup features in Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop Elements - a handy and comprehensive guide for anyone looking to take their first steps in digital art

from e.a. deverell

How to Grow As a Writer

Writing often feels like taking two steps forward and one step back (or worse, one forward and two back). As if that weren’t hard enough, naysayers keep claiming that writing is an in-born talent, rather than a transferable skill. Codswallop. I firmly believe that as long as you’re willing to put in the work and play the…


The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking: Sewing techniques and patterns to make your own clothes: Wendy Ward: 0806488424105: Books


Nosema is caused by one cell parasite called nosema apis.  Once it gets into the bee it starts multiplying so that it splits in two.  It is actually eating bee from the inside, and when had enough it splits.  Then again each organism splits in two and so on.  Eventually what happens is that bees defecate more and more often, trying to clean themselves because parasite is attacking their digestive system.  If they have no time to do it outside of the hive they will do it anywhere, inside of the h


A Practical Handbook of Archaeology: A beginner's guide to unearthing the past: an invaluable tool for amateur archaeologists with 300 step-by-step ... from excavations around the world by Christopher Catling. Save 25 Off!. $13.49. Publisher: Anness (October 16, 2011). Publication: October 16, 2011. Author: Christopher Catling

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What's Wrong? (Beginners Activity Books) by Anna Pomaska. Save 10 Off!. $3.59. Publisher: Dover Publications (July 3, 1997). Publication: July 3, 1997. Series - Beginners Activity Books

Self-publishing companies in India know that in the recent years the number of authors have just got increased multifold and all these authors want their book to be published.