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Before School Workout

from TrimmedandToned

12 Weight Loss Morning Workouts To Burn Maximum Calories!

Wake up the right way, with a workout! Not only will you feel fab for the rest of the day but you'll be looking great in no time too.


This will be my morning routine from now on: 1. Wake up earlier than before: 7 a.m. 2. Do this Quick Morning Workout 3. Drink a big glass of water 4. Eat a healthy breakfast: fruit, an egg, yogurt, or a smoothie On mornings that I don’t have school, I will also add in a quick run around my neighborhood.

from Bembu

Detox & Cleansing Tips

Daily Workout Plan. Oh shoot, two months to go before my Vegas birthday weekend!

Are you ready for a fun summer "Mom and Kid" workout! Get up and get ready to have a great 10 minute workout with your kids. Get them all off the coach and moving!

from Skinny Mom

For Everyone Who Loathes Their Cellulite, This Workout Is For You

20 min morning workout - before shower every single day... no excuses! * did this 3 times this afternoon. I was soaked in sweat!

FALL IS FINALLY HERE! Which means pumpkin everything, a break from the summer craziness and a rest before the winter holidays begin. But that doesn’t mean we take a break from US! We still wa…

from Project Inspired

5 Ten-Minute Workouts to Fit Into Your Morning

Here are five quick 10-minute workout routines you can do before school or work, or on your break!