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- Awesome Transformation by @cristinadown96 - I wasn't always heavy but slowly gained weight after high school over the years. Next thing you know, I'm weighing 245 lbs and my blood pressure was through the roof. My doctor wanted to prescribe me blood pressure medication but I insisted that I try regulating my pressure by getting healthy before going to that extreme. My desire to live a long, healthy life fueled me to completely change my eating habits and get off my butt! I lost just about…


Idea to slim down effectivelyA recent pilot research study at Tufts University, nevertheless, suggests that it's possible to reprogram your brain's food cravings so that you like much healthier foods instead of high-calorie 'diet busters.'


15 Inspiring Before and After Weight Loss Stories

Without restricting the foods you crave most, without working yourself in some death trap contraption, and most certainly WITHOUT working against your body so your fat loss process becomes simple, and even ENJOYABLE: THE VENUS FACTOR


60 Weight Loss Transformations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Welcome to People of Color Fitspiration. This is a blog for anyone seeking motivation. Started as my secondary blog for my own inspiration & I decided to share. Featuring women & men of many colors, shapes, and sizes. I'm an Atlanta city girl with...