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Tim Burton~ He began his career at Disney, where his first project was a 6 minute tribute to Vincent Price. His second film, the twenty-seven-minute FRANKENWEENIE, was deemed unsuitable for children and never released in theaters. From breathtaking stop-action animation to bitter sweet modern fairy tales, filmmaker Tim Burton has become known for his unique visual brilliance - witty and macabre at once.


THIS FRIDAY 6pm Eastern, 2 new releases will go live! Pictured: 1.5" Hard Enamel Pin Set. Clearly, we are always inspired by Beetlejuice 👻

Regram from @johnfmalta who released this awesome Barbara Maitland pin with us last week! If you haven't already be sure to give John a follow and check out the rest of his Barbara series / more of his great work! Pick up the pin on our site - link in profile #valleycruise #valleycruisepress #beetlejuice #johnfmalta #barbaramaitland #pingame #halloween #illustration