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The origins of Porter date back to London in the early eighteenth century, and the beer has seen fame around the world, from Ireland to the USA and Australia. It was the dominant beer style in London for quite some time, and takes its name from the street and river porters of the city who carried goods around the streets.


* An exterior view from the River Thames. The public house was originally built in 1520 and known as the Devil's Tavern through its association with thieves and smugglers. Its name was changed to the Prospect of Whitby in 1777.


Student Spotlight: Holy Balls Brewing Co.

Classic styling with a silly name. Too bad saying the name of your beer isn't always this fun. Holy Balls Brewing Co. Found on The Dieline


Strange British place names

It may be more famous for scones and fudge, but Devon is also well-known for being the home of beer – well, a village called Beer at any rate. There's some division over where the name comes from, but it's probably linked to the Ango-Saxon beauru ("grove").