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this picture is a prime example of how different cultures and the social interactions that follow go hand in hand. today, our culture of young teens says it okay to party and basically make a fool of yourself using drinking as an excuse for any questionable behavior; self-handicapping. This could also be an example of group-serving bias this particular group might feel as though they are doing nothing wrong but having fun but any other group to drink and act as such would be looked at…

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July fourth American flag beer funnel. Just paint and some tape for the stripes!! Didn't take too long- fun and creative for July 4th!!

Beer Bong Fun with the Bongzilla $45.95 #beerunnel #beerbong

Bedazzled Beer Bongs:

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Drinking in college is second nature to students. This picture sort of sums up my feelings on it because it suggests that college students think excessive drinking (funneling, for example) should be glamorized. Whether that means creating a cute funnel or otherwise, they buy into the culture. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes us realize why we are so intentional about alcohol education, and why students don't always see the big deal when their decisions lead them into OCES.