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Been really inspired by the advertising campaign you have done to introduce more wildlife into the garden. We recently created this wildlife wall with mainly recycled materials. If any of your followers would like to see how we created this we thought a blog would come in useful. Thank you for supporting the great wildlife Submitted by: Ryan forshaw, At home, Lancashire

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Paris fast becoming queen bee of the urban apiary world

America needs to be more concerned with its future and less with corporate profits. One day we may find we have more profit than food, water or air to breathe.

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My 6 tips for starting beekeeping

HONEYBEES AND BEEKEEPING: Experienced beekeepers share their stories about beekeeping, bee hives, honey, colony collapse disorder and bee products. --- Mother Earth News

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Pictured: The bees fitted with microchips to find out why their species is dying

Bees: A #honey #bee carrying two balls of pollen it has collected.

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Found a tired looking bee? You can help bring it back to life! Mix two tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoons of water and put it in a small receptacle to help that bee get back on track.

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Plight of the shrinking bees: Experts suggest widely used pesticide could be responsible for smaller insects

Warning: Scientists found chemicals stunt bumblebees' growth, which could have a devastating impact on the food chain

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This trick could help you save a bumble bee

This simple trick could help you to save an endangered bumble bee -

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Scientists have determined the best way of controlling Varroa mites – one of the threats facing honey bees – without harming the bees themselves.

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