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how to build bee boxes

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Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

To keep bees in your garden, give them a place to nest and breed. You can make your own by filling a wood box with rolls of paper or cut bamboo reeds, or buy one that looks as beautiful as it is functional. #ad #bee #garden

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Bee boxes made for and donated to the local charity shop Ferne Animal Sanctuary #ferneanimalsanctuary #charity

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Handmade Three Tier Bee Hotel

Three tier bee hotel

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The bee hive shape to me is quintessentially English. I love it as you will see in some of our designs.

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Bee Keeping Love the colors beehive boxes, with attached water sources I need to continue going to the bee keeper meetings - Fun

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Bird box for robins and wrens

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Beekeeping at Walnuts Farm

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Woodworking tutorial: How to Make a Bee Box, from Squash Blossom Farm. #hive #beekeeping #honeybee

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Make your own home for mini beasts! #homesfornature

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