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Bed rest sucks + tips on how to deal with it

Bed rest is rough, especially when you have other kids to take care. Check out these tips on how to cope with it. #pregnancy #highriskpregnancy #bedrest

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Since this pregnancy has been hell so far, saving this for a just in case -Surviving Pregnancy Bed Rest

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The Best Gear When You're Pregnant and On Bed Rest

Surviving bed rest during pregnancy is hard. Here are some amazing ideas, gear and activities to help pass the time if you're looking for things to do – or if you're putting a kit together for someone. via @pregnantchicken

23 Ways to Kill Time on Pregnancy Bed Rest

I know, for most tired mothers-to-be, bed rest sounds AWESOME. But taking it easy for more than a few days actually poses some serious depression or anxiety risks. Fortunately, you can make your time in bed more enjoyable and productive. Here's 23 ways to kill time on pregnancy bed rest!

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How to Exercise While on Bed Rest

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