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Bed Bug Trap

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This DIY Bed Bug Trap Is Cheap, Shows Signs of an Infestation Early

Most bed bug traps and tests can cost $50 or more, but this DIY trap is so simple and cheap that the researchers that came up with it want people to try it themselves. Ideally, it'll catch the earliest stages of an infestation, when the critters are easiest to eradicate. All you need is sugar, water, and yeast.

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11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Plant a garden full of mosquito repelling plants so you can actually enjoy being outdoors this Spring and Summer.


Mattress freshening spritz with essential oils. Mix 1 cup of water, 10 drops lavender, 10 drops rosemary, 10 drops eucalyptus, 3 drops clove & 1 teaspoon of vodka (acts as an emulsifier). Antibacterial and refreshing! From Camp Wander.

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DIY Bedbug Trap: Cheap, Easy, Effective

Bed bug traps

Small summer garden with mixed vegetable and raised flower beds. Vegetables and flowers are so pretty growing close by!!

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10 Bug-Repelling Plants Your Backyard Needs (Hello Glow)

10 Bug-Repelling Plants Your Backyard Needs

from Sarah Raven

Slug-repelling Copper Bands

These copper bands are one of the best, non-harmful slug repellants around. Slugs and snails hate copper because it causes a harmless electric shock-like reaction when they come into contact with it, so they crawl away. Bend them into rings and push them into the soil at the base of your plant.


A DIY Garden for Small Space Living