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Becoming A Doula


How To Become A Doula #infographic

How To Become A Doula #infographic #HowTo #Career #Education

from The Penny Hoarder

How This Mom of 4 Earns $35/Hour Doing Flexible, Heart-Based Work

This woman loves her job helping families prepare for and care for their new babies -- and she makes $35 an hour doing instinctive, heart-based work. Sound intriguing? Here’s how to become a doula.- The Penny Hoarder


Here are the tips for pain relief in labor from the experts. Doulas can help you with all of these techniques and ideas to make your birth better for you. #doula #doulatraining #birtharts Become a Doula Today!

Want to become a doula? Here are 8 things you should consider but might have never thought of.


Want to be a doula? Tips for doulas. A compilation post by @Gayle Roberts Merry Birth Doula Services

from Emily Landry Birth Services

Resources for aspiring doulas

Blogs, books and more resources for aspiring doulas. Learn more about the state of current American maternity care, the life of a doula, and what it's like to support families in labor - so you can see if becoming a doula might be right for you!


THOUGHT ABOUT BECOMING A DOULA?Make sure you download my newly published ebook before you begin (or complete) your doula training course at Find out: * How much do student/qualified doulas earn? * Do I have what it takes to become a doula? * What is it like working as a doula? * How will I find and manage my very first birth? * Secrets to being a successful, busy doula * What experienced doulas REALLY want you to know * So much more!