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Top up your wardrobe and create an array of layered looks with a hero knit. Wear it over a crisp white shirt or drape over your shoulder while you wear a fitted tee. Pair with wardrobe staples such as skinny jeans and white trainers for a perfect casual outfit.

from British GQ

The most menswear-friendly photobook of 2015: Gentlemen by GarconJon

from Mail Online

Cloud Nine? Hubble captures 'face of God' in plumes of space dust (although the Second Coming might be delayed, as He is 75 million light years away)

HERE IS A CLOSE-UP VIEW Hubble seems to have pinpointed 'Cloud Nine' a little further off, in an elliptical galaxy 75 million light years from Earth. If the ghostly face is in fact the Heavenly Father, he may be trying to communicate with his children on Earth - NGC 1316 is one of the most powerful radio sources in the sky.