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Beach Style Urinals

love the shutter door idea but not two-piece Cedar Shake Siding Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 615


High Five! 'Sexist' Beach Body Adverts Vandalised On Tube


40 photos qui vont vous donner le goût de partir en camping immédiatement

'S avonds kan het best koud zijn in de zomer. Met een kampvuur en een kleedje zit je helemaal goed.


Mediterranean summer house on Serifos Island

Architecture: Sinas Architects, George Sinas Photography: Nikos Stefanis Serifos perhaps, is one of the last Cycladic islands that has only recently started to develop. Some call it "wild and inhospitable." For the few faithful who visit it...


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Japanese Toilets

This is a traditional type of toilet of Japan.@Theresa Soucie Worker is always a separate room for the toilet.


This is the prettiest waterless urinal I've ever seen. Definitely for the downstairs bathroom remodel.

Maui Beach, Hawaii. Pinned by GottaTinkle! (female urination device) - perfect for travel as it gives women and girls the ability to pee while standing-up (no need for a bathroom when nature calls). GottaTinkle! uses disposable resealable bags which collect the urine, and, unlike funnels, urine does not touch the device (no need to clean or sanitize the device after each use).


Young seal thinks he's people; makes the public toilet his new homeFree me at once By Elise Cooper2016-07-27 06:06:07 UTC A visitor to Devonport Mersey Vale Cemetery in Tasmania got a bit of a shock trying to use the public bathrooms when they discovered a 129 kilogram male fur seal tucked up for a nap in the toilet block. Karina Moore of the Devonport City Council tells Mashable Australia that the visitor notified council workers at the cemetery after discovering the tired and grumpy…