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Beach Style Urinals

Camping Gear. Pinned by GottaTinkle! (female urination device) - perfect for camping as it gives women and girls the ability to pee while standing-up (no need for a bathroom when nature calls). GottaTinkle! uses disposable resealable bags which collect the urine, and, unlike funnels, urine does not touch the device (no need to clean or sanitize the device after each use).

from The Huffington Post

High Five! 'Sexist' Beach Body Adverts Vandalised On Tube

'Your Body Is Not A Commodity': Controversial Beach Body Adverts Vandalised On London Underground


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Japanese Toilets

This is a traditional type of toilet of Japan.@Theresa Soucie Worker is always a separate room for the toilet.


love the shutter door idea but not two-piece Cedar Shake Siding Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 615

from Better Homes and Gardens

How to Clean a Mattress

How to Clean a Mattress..STAINS: Other helpful solutions for common mattress stains: Blood: A 50/50 hydrogen peroxide/water solution. Urine, fecal matter, or vomit: An enzyme cleaner, such as Bac-Out by BioClean, or Nature's Miracle, available at pet stores. (Use before trying other methods, as residue from other cleaners will kill the enzymes before they can work.)


« La jeunesse africaine, américaine, asiatique, européenne, danse au rythme d’une même musique. »

from Architectural Designs

Plan 29830RL: Rustic Style Ranch

great master bedroom design; would have the standing shower where the tub is and put a second toilet/urinal in that spot