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Beach style garden hoses

The outdoor shower is a must for after a trip to the beach, and the wisteria vines make it extra inviting.

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Country Style magazine. Find a shady spot to enjoy the lazy days of summer or take inspiration for decorating your home. Photography Sharyn Carins, Styling Tessa Kavanagh. #countrystyle #decorating #beach

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Organize your hose and outdoor supplies. Wrap garden hose around a 5 gallon bucket with lid. Store tools and toys inside. Perfect for water pistols, sidewalk chalk, sunscreen and bug spray for outdoor play. Bandages, tweezers, ointment and other first-aid items for blisters, cuts, burns and slivers. Include a mesh bag. Put things that need to be rinsed off in the mesh bag (picked garden vegetables, sandy beach toys, muddy garden tools) and rinse off with the hose.

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

wish we still had an outdoor shower---'course it would be kind of scandalous since the middle school behind my house raised their track up so dang high that people can peek right over the fence flat-footed.

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Love it! Perfect rug for on board a boat (or in a beach house kitchen!) durable and cleans up with a garden hose and a little soap.

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Shabby Chic Nightstand, chippy paint, green w/ copper undertones over stained pine, vintage, farmhouse, end table w/ garden hose turn knobs by ReincarnatedwithLove on Etsy

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