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Taboo with Tom Hardy Loving this so far ! (Tom being in it helps too )

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Blockbusters. Fond memories of that time. This would be on telly when I got home from my Art Foundation Course where I had a whale of a time.

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Blur (Parklife, Coffee and TV, Song 2, etc.) - I love Phil Daniels' vocal on Parklife

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K-2SO by Imajinn-Design

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Hugo Boss Men’s Quartz Watch 1512767 1512767 with Leather Strap

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Lucifer - Quote - Isn’t he funny, Daddy?

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Ticking Clock (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Ticking Clock (PDF) A “ticking clock” is a great way to add suspense and purpose to your plot. Depending on your story, the clock can be the time of your character’s favourite TV programme, the last call for drinks, a big round birthday, the time at which the carriage will turn back into…

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Fun House with Pat Sharp "FunHouse whole lotta fun, prizes to be won, it's a real crazy show Where anything can go. .."

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The Internet Reacts To #HeroCat

Captain America-The Winter Soldier. I watched this film for the first time today and I thought it was brilliant, the acting was brilliant, the characters were amazing especially Nick's "death" and Bucky working for Hydra. Now I need to watch Civil War!!!

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