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50 Things to Do in MUNICH

Germany is one of the world’s longest-established wine producing countries. Vineyards have been found in the country’s western region, along the Rhine River, since the days of the Ancient Romans.

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The Black Forest Germany | Rough Guides - overview of sites, roads, towns in/around the Black Forest.

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Munich's best beer gardens

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Maypole in Cham, Bavaria, Germany

Maypole in Cham, Bavaria, Germany ~ 1st May is maypole day in Bavaria decorated with ribbons, wreaths or signs. Part of this tradition is that one village tries to steal the maypole from the neighbouring villages with ransoms payed in food and beer (of course)

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Hofbrauhaus in Munich. I was here in '72 Olympics. Flash mob par excellence. Germans know how to do this right.

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Hofbrauhaus, Munich Germany The loud ambience, the beautiful (and strong) waitresses, the painted ceiling and German Oompah music…. It must be time for Beer and Pretzels. "Eins, Zwei, Drei g'suffa" (1,2,3 Chug)

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