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Battlefield 2 Servers


Remember WW1: embracing the spirit of the Home Front

Lest we forget: Remember WW1 pays tribute to the women on the home front who served on the land and in hospitals, as well as the servicemen ...


BATTLEFIELD 2 PC GAME FREE DOWNLOAD Battlefield 2 is the third title of the computer game series Battlefield which was released on 23 June 2005. It is part of ego and tactical shooter genre of. The previous games were Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam the successor is Battlefield 3 . The number 2 in the title stands for the second part of the series which was developed by DICE Sweden (Battlefield Vietnam has been developed by DICE Canada). The graphics engine has been…



Battlefield 2 SF expansion is free now with a new master server and launcher.

Sqreens security shield automagically blocks attacks on your web app French startup Sqreen protects your web apps and services with little effort from your side. If you dont want to deal with security yourself Sqreen is a software-as-a-service product that automatically watches for attacks and protects your server in real time. The company is participating in the Battlefield atTechCrunch Disrupt SF. If you already have a web app up and running chances are youre going to face SQL injections…

Battlefield One's weather system is client side not server based. Massive balancing issue. My screen on left friend on right.