Map Of The Battlefield – Battle Of ‘Uhud: taaa-‘ifataani- (Two parties), aim from these two parties is the people of those two tribes ‘Banu Harthah’ and ‘Banu Salmah’, who had become broken hearted and almost fallen away at the time of Battle of ‘Uhud. The plan of the battlefield has been described in the pervious lesson. You have read it earlier that the total numbers of Muslims were just one thousand against three thousand Quraysh braves. Three hundred Fraudster Hypocrites

The Battle Of ‘Uhud – Readiness: On Saturday, March 19, 625 (3 Shawwal) 3 AH, the Quraysh of Mecca lead their Army to Medina with three thousand selected braves. One year prior, they suffered a defeat in the battle of Badr. So now, they came with full preparations. Holy Prophet (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon him) consulted his companions (may Allah Almighty be pleased with them). The old people advised that self-defense should be

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Preparations For The Battle Of ‘Uhud: Here it signifies towards the Battle of ‘Uhad. Afterwards, the events and circumstances will be mentioned continuously about the Battle of ‘Uhad. It seems appropriate to describe the events of this battle (Gazwah) briefly in this lesson, so that there would not be necessary to repeat it again and again

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None is worthy of worship but God, Muhammad is Messenger of God: Planning of battlefield – The Battle of ‘Uhud

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#Hadith of the Day !! Sahih Al #Bukhari, Book:3, Hadith:73 Watch "The Battle of #Uhud (The 2nd attack from Mecca to Medina)" (

Diagram of the Battle of Uhud, of where the archers were located

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