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Colonel Abraham Owen: Officers killed in action November 7, 1811 @ The Battle of Tippecanoe.


Soldiers Who Died at the Battle of Tippecanoe - my Great-great-great-great-great grandfather

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Battle of Tippecanoe: Summary and Significance

Battle of Tippecanoe: Summary and Significance

Shawnee Tribe, Including: Blue Jacket, Battle of Tippecanoe, Link Wray, Tecumseh, Treaty of Greenville, Ohio Country, Tecumseh's War, Shawnee, Dunmore's War, Chalahgawtha, Kittanning Path, Kittanning (Village), Treaty of Easton, Battle of Point Pleasant - Books, Hephaestus

Battle of Tippecanoe ancestor Archibald Crawford fought here

Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial,, Historic Firearms Display at the Tippecanoe Battlefield - On view are 51 long guns and rifles with additional examples to be added as the display is expanded. The firearms in the exhibit were manufactured between the early 19th Century and the onset of World War II, with several fine examples manufactured locally by Bixler & Iddings and Thomas Underwood. Most of the objects on display have never been shown to the…