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Egyptian Tattoo Designs

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The Battle of the Nile began on this day in maritime history, 1 August 1798. The battle, also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay, saw the British Royal Navy under Horatio Nelson prevail over the Navy of the French Republic in battle that concluded on 3 August.

Wars of the French Revolution: Battle of the Nile

The Battle of the Nile was fought on August 1798 during the French Revolutionary Wars and saw Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson destroy as French fleet.

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... 1901 » The Majestic at the Battle of the Nile, 1798 by Charles Dixon

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1 August 1798, during the climax of the Battle of the Nile, the French admiral François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers, Comte de Brueys, died aboard his exploding flagship “L’Orient”.

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Battle of the NIle Phillip James de Loutherberg

The Blowing up of the French Commander’s Ship “L’Orient” at the Battle of the Nile, 1798 On August 2, 1798, Orient was among the French ships at anchor at the mouth of the River Nile. Attacked by the British under Admiral Nelson, the Orient came under fire from five ships. She caught fire, and her powder stores ignited, destroying the ship in a massive explosion that became the most famous incident in the battle. The number of men killed was disputed but was undoubtedly in the hundreds.

Battle of the Nile - August 1798 Nelson returns on deck after having his wound dressed. The quarterdeck of a ship, with many sailors moving about. In the centre stands a man in an officer's uniform (Nelson) with a bandage around his head. He is looking to the left of the picture, where in the background a large ship is on fire.

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