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Battle of Shiloh: Shattering Myths

Shiloh Battlefield (Hardin County, TN). The costliest and bloodiest Civil War battle in United State history up to that period of time. More were to come unfortunately. The majority of the Civil War fighting took place in TN & VA.


Albert Sidney Johnston Monument at Shiloh


Glowing Wounds of the Civil War This is one that actually has been explained by modern science, but when it happened it really freaked people out. After the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War, some of the near 30,000 soldiers wounded during the conflict reported that their injuries glowed with a bizarre light and healed faster than the soldiers who didn’t glow. Needless to say, lots of supernatural speculation was raised, and it wasn’t until 2001 that the mystery was solved


A Blaze of Glory: A Novel of The Battle of Shiloh (Paperback)