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Battle of Poltava - Wikipedia

The Battle of Poltava is widely believed to have been the beginning of Sweden's decline as a Great Power, as the tsardom of Russia took their place as the leading nation of north-eastern Europe. The battle also bears some importance in Ukrainian national history: indeed, hetman Ivan Mazepa sided with the Swedes, as he sought to create an uprising in Ukraine, against the tsardom.


File:King's colour Karl XII.jpg-"The Battle of Poltava." Personal standard of Charles XII, captured during the Battle of Poltava (Peter and Paul Fortress, the Commandant's House, the exhibition "History of St. Petersburg - Petrograd. 1703-1918")


Pieter Picart. Poltava battle 27 June 1709. Engraved cyrillic letters ("civil type"). Fargment of engraving. 174?. П. Пикарт. Полтавское сражение 27 июня 1709 г. Санкт-Петербург. 174?.