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Texas Independence Trail Region brings new dimension to lessons in Texas history. Here, Presidio La Bahia hosts a reenactment of the Goliad Massacre each March. The Gonzales Memorial Museum chronicles the Battle of Gonzales and its role in the Texas Revolution. (Photo by J. Griffis Smith)


Feliz Gonzales Torres- "Portrait of Ross", the candy pieces weigh the same as his lover who passed away. you are welcome to a piece :)


Erastus "Deaf" Smith Erastus "Deaf" Smith, born an American (1787-1837), is one of the most remembered revolutionary heroes who fought for Texas’s independence. Being one of the first to join the Texas Republican Army in Gonzalez, his contributions as a spy, scout, and soldier would influence the Battle of Concepcion, the renowned Grass Fight, and the Battle of San Jacinto. He would also be the man who General Houston trusted to confirm the fall of the Alamo.

Battle of Gonzales flag - the cannon and "COME AND TAKE IT" are in reference to a cannon the Mexican government had loaned colonists (DeWitt Colony) for protection from Comanche raids. When a Mexican soldier bludgeoned one of the colonists on Sept. 10, 1835, it resulted in public outrage, the Mexican government then felt it unwise for the colonists to have a weapon - SO they wanted it back. The colonists did not want to give it back and THAT was the inspiration for this battle flag.


George W. Davis - immortalized as one of the original 18 freedom fighters that stood off a force of 120 soldiers in the Mexican army, in the incident that became known as the "Come-And-Take-It" canon incident in Gonzales,Texas. Of these 18 men, five later died in the Alamo. Others, including Davis participated in one or more subsequent confrontations with the Mexican centralist army. Davis had several relatives who were in the relief force that died in the Alamo.

Patrick Swayze - I had pancreatic cancer and I know the battle he fought everyday to recover from it. I am one of the lucky ones - I survived it. Only 6% survive 1 year and 25% for 5 years. I admire and respect him for his determination and will to live - someday we will defeat cancer but until then Patrick Swazey is a hero to me.

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Texas Revolution Battle Posters

3 posters on 3 battles of the Texas Revolution: Battle of Gonzales, Battle of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. The can be printed on a poster maker or printed for notes in a student activity or Gallery walk.

Returning from treating Yew trees at the Battle of the Boyne site in the Republic of Ireland, Terrain Aeration’s David Green had his own fight across the Irish sea in the face of Hurricane Gonzales.