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WWI. ‘Sammy’, the mascot of the Northumberland Fusiliers, was gassed during the Second Battle of Ypres which began on 22 April 1915.

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Dramatic photographs from WW1 that show the carnage... and courage

Sleeping it off: Tommies snatch a few minutes' shuteye during a well-deserved break from front-line duty, watched by men waiting to take their place. Soldiers could spend days in the forward trenches with barely a wink of sleep


The British war memorial at Thiepval dedicated to their fallen soldiers at the Battle of the Somme (WW1). The columns of the memorial are inscribed with the names of 73,367 British and South African soldiers whose remains were never found.


Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, also known as Old Moreton Hall, is a moated half-timbered manor house. The earliest parts of the house were built for the prosperous Cheshire landowner William Moreton in about 1504–08, and the remainder was constructed in stages by successive generations of the family until about 1610.


12 buildings in use today that were around when King Richard III was on the throne


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"The Battle Of Culloden was fought on this moor, April 16, 1746. The graves of the gallant Highlanders who fought for Scotland & Prince Charlie, are marked by the names of their Clans." (The cairn was erected by Duncan Forbes in 1881 and stands 20 feet high.) Culloden is a tract of moorland in the county of Inverness, Scotland, forming a part of the northeast of Drummossie Moor and lying about 6 miles (10 km) east of Inverness.


The Morrigan-The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. Her name translates as either "Great Queen" or "Phantom Queen," and both epithets are entirely appropriate for her. The Morrigan appears as both a single goddess and a trio of goddesses. The other deities who form the trio are Badb ("Crow"), and either Macha (also connotes "Crow") or Nemain ("Frenzy"). The Morrigan frequently appears in the ornithological guise of a hooded crow.

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La Bruja del Páramo

A fallen soldier: a brave fighter, a loyal friend, a faithful husband, a loving father...his fight ended the day Zarathon slit his throat, but his legacy would live on forever in the hearts of all. He would inspire many. Who was he? He was a symbol. A mark of the beginning. Of freedom.


King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt : The King wears on this surcoat the Royal Arms of England, quartered with the Fleur de Lys of France as a symbol of his claim to the throne of France. He stands over his fallen brother, the Duke of Gloucester.

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Middle Earth Inspired Beanies: | Women's T-Shirt

" watch the flames climb high, burning the trees. And I hope that you'll remember me." Song lyrics from " I see fire " by ed sheeran. Also what Thorin says while the dragon is coming after them in the desolation of smaug movie hobbit movie.