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Battle Cry

WW1 French Postcard ~ Red Cross Dog C1918


I need a haircut. Worried I might be looking a bit like Mr. Roy from Basil Brush

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Things that make me smile BIG (20 photos)

Oh Luna :') but does anybody else see the rip in the paper? Between Fred and George Weasley, and between Colin and Dennis Creevey. George lost his twin and Dennis lost his brother during the battle of Hogwarts. There are no longer such things as coincidences.>>>Oh okay.... That hit me in the feels


I've always thought this quote describes Rory more than the Doctor. The Doctor likes to mention that good men don't need rules and since the Doctor claims he has rules he is implying that Demons Run refers not to him but to Rory. (Disclaimer: I think the Doctor is a good man but this just seems to make sense especially as this is Rory's first war, not the Doctor's.)

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