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Batman Vs Superman Storyline

from the JLA tower of babel storyline. don't nerf batman- he's the pinnacle of human potential

from Kotaku

11 Stories That Have Better Batman-Superman Moments

The storyline that pits Clark Kent against Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman…

Matt Damon Talks About the Batsuit and Batman Vs. Superman Storyline [Video] - The Film Junkee

'Justice League' Movie: Black Superman Suit Hints at Major Comics Storyline Henry Cavill has shared a look at his new costume for the movie. read more


The Man of Steel Vs Doomsday, Finally Coming to the Big Screen!?

Doomsday & Superman


Batman/Superman (2013-) #21: The epic new storyline "TRUTH" continues! In this chapter, what are the consequences of a bond broken?