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Batman Vs Superman Storyline

Movie 10: Batman vs Superman (2016). My rating: 4/5. More considered than I had expected, epic all the way through (especially the soundtrack), not the most amazing characters or storyline, but it worked. Despite the odds, this felt like something new. And Wonder Woman was awesome!

Batman V.S. Superman (The Dawn of Justice) As one of the most participated films, I have gotta say, the storyline was .. just .. only the last hour was worth watching. Although I can see the necessity to explain the reason behind every action that the both superheroes have taken. But it was just way too long~ The fight and the reason of stopping the flight was just cliché. But the love for their own mothers makes people feels warm. 28th Mar 2016

from the JLA tower of babel storyline. don't nerf batman- he's the pinnacle of human potential

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