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How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

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Art Deco inspired patterns are huge at the moment, thanks to The Great Gatsby. Bring the clean lines and bold symmetry into your home. Art Deco fan tile by Original Style.

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How To Clean That Neglected Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Cleaning the bathroom exhaust fan. Definitely something so many people forget to clean...ever!

Bathroom UPDATE!!! And an Awesome Giveaway :)

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Exhaust fans in bathrooms are a necessary evil that many interior designers struggle with. There is a way to make them invisible and completely disappear when not in use. Venti appears to be a regular tile on the outside, but is in fact a fan! Simply pop it open when you need it. Intuitive and functional is what I like to call it.

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The Sienna vanity unit & basin from is ideal for unique and small spaces like under the stairs and cloakroom bathrooms

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7 Facts About Bathroom Exhaust Fans That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End ~

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