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Bath styles for the elderly

Open Design Tall, clear-glass shower doors emphasize the small bath's high ceilings and create the illusion of more room. The white subway tile and chrome fixtures reflect light, contributing to the sense of spaciousness. Basket-weave tile covers the floor and carries into the shower for continuity.

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While there is no shortage of companies that offer products for adapting a standard home for the needs of an elderly or disabled person, there are few that look at the complete picture. An exception is AKW, the leading provider of independent living solutions, a company which encompasses both product innovation and design expertise to offer a one-stop shop for accessible living with style.

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Peeling Walls They're Sophisticated, Timeworn & Aged To Perfection

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I'm so glad this old wall was kept the way it is. This bathroom is outstanding and would put a smile on your face every time you go for a bath.

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Rustic cottage bathroom

RusTic c0TTage Bath From cute country accessories and aged storage units to iron curtain poles and a roll-top bath, this bathroom oozes cute cottage charm. The freestanding bath remains the focal point. Fit a rectangular shower rail and attach curtains on either side of the shower head to achieve this look, and paint the outside of the bath in a shade to match your scheme.

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A doughnut shaped bath bomb is an ideal gift for 7 year old girls. It smells delicious too!

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Helen Mirren the bikini queen reigns supreme at 63

THIS is how I would like to look when I am over 50 years of age — Helen Mirren. Age 63 — I remember swimming against a lady who was 52 and kicked our sorry 17 year old butts. I also remember all of us going up to her afterwards, congratulating her and saying "I can only hope to be doing what you do when I am 52!". That lady will never leave my memory. The lesson? Never stop moving.

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Aging in Place: Home Renovations to Grow Old With

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Small Wonder

I like the idea of enclosing the tub against the back wall with a glass door. And the tiles are gorgeous.

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