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from Martha Stewart

Handmade Gifts for Her

Scented sugar adds a subtle perfume & flavor to coffee, fruit desserts, and baked goods. Layer granulated sugar with aromatic edibles such as scented geranium leaves, rose petals, orange and lemon peel (first set out for a day to dry), or vanilla beans. Mix small batches, and let them sit for a few days in tightly sealed jars while the scents infuse the sugar. Serve this sugar with tea, and its sure to be a hit with all of your shower guests. You can send small jars home with guests as a

Mon Petit Chou - curated gift box has everything you need to make ‘me’ time divine time. Fine tea, rich shade-grown chocolate, small batch skincare & beautiful stationery.

from The Diary of a Frugal Family

How to Meal plan - EVERYTHING you need to know about how to meal plan in one place

How to meal plan - EVERYTHING you need to know about how to meal plan in one place.... Feeding a Family can be expensive but there are ways to make it cost less. This is great for those of you needing a bit of help with meal planning and batch cooking your family meals to help you save some money when you're budgeting.


Reyka Vodka is produced by Iceland's only distillery in Borgarnes, Iceland, a small coastal village steeped in Viking history and lore. Made from the purest Icelandic spring water from the nearby Grabok spring, crafted by hand in small batches from a rare Carter-Head still, and filtered through ancient lava rocks, Reyka captures a clean taste with a crisp, smooth finish.


I can't stand the use of the Thirsty font, but we've always liked the idea of the vintage screen printed look and feel. Apart from "Bernie's", it's got good typography.


#Zoella's new #ZoellaBeauty #TuttiFruity range!


Eurostar honey club harvest first batch of honey from bee hives in Mersham