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Dan is the perfect human ever. He's beautiful, the best singer ever and he's sooo funny ') AND he likes twin peaks!!

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The Philadelphia proposal. They have talked about this in so many interviews, it's a memorable story!

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I would just say hey and ask them how they are and try have a normalish conversation p.s my fave is clearly Patrick Stump

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SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!! IT IS THE BAND OF QUESTIONING!!!!!!!!!!!! I love BΔSTILLE but this is funny

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| greetingslily

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It's OK if it's a new song and everyone is still learning it but if it's a popular one like Pompeii or Good Grief there is no excuse.

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I reblogged this GIF of Kyle and said there should be a "Haters gonna hate" caption on it. Then Tumblr user megansoandso ACTUALLY MADE IT FOR ME. I LOVE THIS FANDOM.

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