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Bart Sells His Soul

Envy: Moe envies the profits of family restaurants. Lisa wants five dollars after Bart tells her he had five dollars. Bart envies the kids in his dream for their souls.

Bart Sells His Soul

Gluttony: When Moe is converting his bar into a restaurant, he acquires a gigantic deep-fat fryer, claiming it can deep-fry a buffalo in forty seconds, to which Homer grouses, "Oh, I want it now!" Later, Homer eats Bart's meal at Uncle Moe's.


The One Where Bart Sells His Soul

episode: Bart Sells His Soul

"Bart Sells His Soul" this has be one of the most haunting and the only episode which shows a crueller side to Milhouse. When Bart sells his soul to Milhouse he becomes spiritually paranoid and wants it returned to him.

Faith Off

The Exterminator tent Bart uses was also seen in Bart Sells His Soul, an episode built similarly on conflicts of faith.