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Barn Dance Outfit

Loving the plaid+headband+boots and shorts combination!!!! The only thing I might change? Those big white pockets sticking out of the shorts. But overall, the whole thing is pretty cute! And, it could be be worn with black tights and short socks on colder days!!

from Polyvore

Barn Dance

Line dancing ladies night out? Yes, please. Get Komae, get a free babysitter, and get out!


Footloose 2011... if you liked the original, this one is just as good (It was so similar! Even the soundtrack had the same songs, and Ren wears the same burgundy tux in the end warehouse dance scene!). I was skeptical at first, but I would see it again!

from Polyvore

Lovely Lace

Country girl! I could actually wear this 'cause I have similar pieces! :) those are my boots!!