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Banksy's Graffiti, Animated

Banksy Streetart - "I'm out of bed and dressed - what do you want?". @designerwallace

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The 25 Most Iconic Artworks of Animals - 11. "Rat Graffiti" by Banksy

I think you're right, Banksy! I lie by not living my truth and being even too scared to add my comments to pins, never mind painting on walls.

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Graffiti artist Banksy strikes again - in Bethlehem

'Graffiti artist Banksy strikes again'. This is a very famous piece of Banksy, I like the way it is political, having a soldier frisked by a member of the public is cool because it is like 'putting the shoe on the other foot sort of thing'. Almost saying' why should the people get searched by police but we cannot search them?' (Banksy, 2007.)


This has effectively presented inter-social animosity under a different light when viewed with another species as apposed to our own.