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How to Become Rich – Just Be One

Many of us want to know how to become rich. The question is do you really want to be rich? Getting rich might not be easy but it is possible, it is a matter of doing these few things right.

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I actually disagree with this maxim. Pride goes before a fall. Dress modestly as common man. If your financial affairs have been conducted soundly, wisely & well, the bank will know your fiscal worth.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Self-Promotion

How to overcome your fear of self-promotion. This is so helpful, and important for people who are introverts but still want to do business and sell products.

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40 Vehicles Recovered From Ex-Perm Sec Bought With BANK LOAN By EFCC

Update: 40 Vehicles Recovered From Ex-Permanent Sec. Bought With BANK LOAN

Post Office Dude Decoupage Sheet on Craftsuprint designed by Gordon Fraser - Time to get a bank loan out, you need to post a letter! This Dude beavers away at his post! Decoupage sheet version with loads of options to create your own designs. More versions of this Dude are available. Don't forget to check out my other designs and original illustrations, just click on my name. Thanks for looking! - Now available for download!

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