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S7E8; Daryl & Rick are reunited. . . Brothers

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First Gerard... then Mikey in the background.. the perfect gif.<<<<the way brothers are so freakin sassy I love them

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Ken Taylor’s Newest Poster for The Avett Brothers (Onsale Info), Plus his Adventures in Design Episode!

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Oh my god<< but you can't say this isn't true<<I can hardly tell the difference

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A reminder why Scrubs was one of the best TV shows ever...

aHHHH !! I watched this episode and I nearly cried !! My smol bean was on one of my favourite shows

Here Are The 11 Best Daryl Dixon Quotes

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The Monkees and Davy Jones first appearance on the cover of TV Guide Magazine in 1966. This was THE magazine I read cover to cover each week when I was young and I kept them for years.

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When Mary knocks Sherlock out, he sees Redbeard running on the beach with a little girl. I wonder if, instead of being The Third Holmes Brother, Sherrinford is their sister.

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