OH yeah these were HUGE!! Basically, a banana shaped 2-piece comb, hinged at the bottom and clipped together at the top which made a BIG pony ta...

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had one in every color of the rainbow...but didn't some guy on star trek end up using these as shades? 8-)

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Braided Banana Clip | Beauty Tutorials I'm sure that if you don't have a banana clip that you can still make the effect by yourself!

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I HAVE THIS ... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. My fav hair accessory ... it allows me to be the natural me ... Corinne lol.

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Banana Clip Braided Fauxhawk. Supplies: Flexible-hold hairspray, a banana clip, combs, and bobby pins.

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Did you know that banana clips are back in full swing? I find it to be perfect timing since these days it’s hot out and all I want to do is keep my hair up and off my neck! A banana comb allows me …

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Banana clips

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