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Best of dPS: Have You Read these 15 Popular Photography Tutorials Yet?

We have thousands of photography tutorials in our archives – many of which don’t get seen a lot by our newer readers. What follows is 15 of the most viewed tutorials on dPS – that you might not have seen yet. Some were written a few years ago but we’ve selected them all to be …

16 Fantastic Photos Shot With Off-Camera Flash

I wouldn't have thought of this lighting setup. The shadow from the skater is not in the frame. The skater is silhouetted against the lit wall.


6 Best Durable DSLR Tripods in 2017 for Photographers and Filmmakers


11 Stages That Every Photographer Goes Through

While I hope you take this article as tongue and cheek, and realize that a decent amount of this is talking to my early self – the reality is that there is a pretty consistent learning curve that many photographers go through. While hopefully your learning curve will not be this extreme, I think that …


Photography Tips: Editing in Photoshop


A 15 Minute Exercise To Help You Improve Your Photography

The 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

Photo composition is subjective, but a few tips can ensure you a strong picture every time. Here are the key rules of photo composition and why they work.