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Intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation is frequently used as therapy for patients with refractory left ventricular heart failure or for other indications. Benefits of IABP therapy include increased cardiac output, coronary blood flow, and systemic perfusion pressure and decreased afterload and myocardial oxygen demands.


DIY Balloon Party Invitations – Just use water balloons, glitter, a small invitation, a box, and a pin! We used a tiny bell for fun :) just roll up the small invitation and place inside balloon with bell. Inflate the balloon and place inside of box. Roll in glitter for extra cuteness! ;) Materials: 1. Water balloons (Dollar Tree – $1) 2. Small favor boxes (Michael's – $20) 3. 72 small bells (Michael's – $4) 4. Small pins (Michael's) 5. Gold glitter (Michael's – $5) 6. Balloon Pump


Vintage 1960's puffa-pump balloon pump retro graphics vintage christmas


The Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) It consists of a balloon that sits in the aorta, approximately 2 centimeters (0.79 in) from the left subclavian artery[1] and counterpulsates. That is, it actively deflates in systole, increasing forward blood flow by reducing afterload through a vacuum effect. It actively inflates in diastole, increasing blood flow to the coronary arteries via retrograde flow. These actions decrease myocardial oxygen demand and increase myocardial oxygen supply.

Berlern permps! (Otherwise known as intra-aortic balloon pumps) Yeah, I know, I know, I'm getting tired of this meme too, but I couldn't resist making it. #ICU nursing


Enchant your party princesses with castle towers made of balloons! Magically make them with just balloons, ribbon, wrapping paper and a balloon pump. Click for the tutorial!


Portable High Power Two Nozzle Color Air Blower Electric Balloon Pump 110V - Sears

Water balloons !! The amazing water balloon filler (bunch o balloons and magic balloon). Goes well with water balloon slingshot water balloon launcher water balloon pump water balloon gun. Kids LOVE it!!

oilet paper rolls twisty balloons - make sure they are new, old balloons are weak and pop easily markers and stickers - for decoration balloon pump


How to make a Manual (human powered) Balloon Pump