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Balloon Games For Kids

from Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life

10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids

10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids Summer is here and that means barbecues, picnics and back yard parties and at these events are plenty of kids looking to have fun. Make sure they remember your get together as the party of the summer with these 10 Fun Balloon Games For Kids. Balloon Games For Kids... <a href="">[Read More]</a>


Stole this idea from another pinterest post....Hung balloons upside down using streamers.... Gave me a great pic of the birthday boy waiting for his party guests!! 1st-birthday-yo-gabba-gabba-style by candy


Balloon tennis - adapt for keeping beat - cool idea for toddlers or kids in a class instead of headsup 7up. Oh! And for art the kids could design white plates throughout the year during free time!


Blow the balloon. Next I wanted to have my little ones crawling and working on those muscles. We created a simple obstacle course (under a chair, around a pillow) and my little ones got down on their hands and knees and blew the balloon through the obstacle course.