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Portfolio: Behind the Curtain at the New York City Ballet


#pointe #feet # dance - it takes many things to create a dancer such as time, strength, patience, determination and sacrifice. TIME - there is a quote which goes "Rome wasn't build in a day" and this quote applies to dancers strongly, it takes so much time and practise to become a dancer, you have to develop into something new and time is one of the key things a dancer needs. STRENGTH - dancing breaks you mentally and physically its crests something new, it's makes you a new person, you…


"The Firebird". To follow more boards dedicated to dance photography, pas de deux, little ballerinas, quotes, pointe shoes, makeup and ballet feet follow me I also direct the Mogale Youth Ballet and if you'd like to be patron of our company and keep art alive in Africa, head over to like us and send me a message!


Ballet Feet Exercises -Some of us not blessed with naturally pointy feet while doing pole (well me actually!) so I will be giving this a go. Its looks easy to do and pretty good.