Bagger Dave's -All burgers are not created equal. At least in your eyes. You’re prejudiced. But in the burger and beer world, that’s OK. A virtue, in fact. That’s why we’ve instituted the Create Your Own Burger clause in our menu. We give you a choice of umpteen toppings, a variety of buns, delicious sauces and let you have at it. Just remember the burger you create says a lot about you. So give it some thought.

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BIRTHDAY FREEBIE - Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern - FREE Birthday Burger - FREE $10 Birthday Discount #freebirthday

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DIFFERENT KINDS OF BURGERS. DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEER. Our beef patty is a proprietary blend of premium cuts and sourced locally from 100% USDA grain-fed cattle. Always fresh with no fillers or preservatives, it’s seared and seasoned to perfection, and cooked to order 100% of the time.

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Bagger Dave's Tuscan Turkey Burger Ingredients

Bagger Dave's has a loaded GLUTEN FREE menu! All of it delicious and I've never had an episode where I was contaminated after eating there. I have only one other restaurant that I can say that about. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone allergic to Gluten or soy.

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@The Hungry Dudes try out exclusive Bagger Dave's #BRUFestMI burgers. See what they think of the "Jamaican Me Crazy" burger!

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Bagger Dave's Blogger Event #theprettyplus #thirstydave |

Bagger Dave's opening soon in Grand Blanc Township as growth continues near NCG Trillium Cinema |

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Ann Arbor, MI Bagger Dave’s: Flights of Beer + Circling Trains!

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