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Bagel Party Ideas

Mini salt beef bagels

Mini salt beef bagels: These tangy, delicate little bites make a great addition to finger sandwiches for a sophisticated Mother's Day afternoon tea

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Outdoor splash Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Ideas

pizza planet mini pizza display with bagel bites or actual pizza. I'm thinkin' just re-do the boxes and voila we're having pizza planet pizza!

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19 colourful salads and snacks that prove rainbows aren't just for bagels

There’s a downside to all the rainbow bagels, coffee, and sushi filling up our Instagram streams. They’re full of food colouring. And probably aren't that healthy for you. Thankfully there’s already loads of food that’s naturally rainbow coloured out there. We’re talking bright green avocado, pops of strawberry red, zingy orange carrots, and pink watermelons. Here are some clean, easy to make rainbow salads and snack ideas, perfect for a summer party.

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Biscotti with hot mocha dipping sauce

These chocolate and pistachio biscotti keep for ages and make great presents. The dipping sauce is amazing.

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Whole Serrano Ham, Complete with Own Stand & Knife

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Easy flatbreads

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Video shows how rainbow bagels are made and it's mesmerising

Chef Scot Rossillo has been making his technicolour rainbow bagels stuffed full of rainbow sprinkles, candyfloss and unicorns (probably), at his Bagel Store in Brooklyn for over 20 years.

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How to make crumpets video

We show you the recipe for making fluffy homemade crumpets, plus how to achieve the perfect finish by cooking them in special rings in a frying pan.

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