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Bagel Meaning


How One Plus One Became Everything: A Puzzle of Life

* * * * Just Stare ( Without Blinking) At The Circle In The Middle Until It Jumps Off The Screen!....( And If It Starts Sliding Off Towards The Right, Don't Worry, You're Slowly Getting There.)


ca. 5,000 BCE. Neolithic stone beads from early settlements in Sahara, North Africa. Using simple hand-carved tools, stones were placed on a grooved stone and pecked out from both sides which was difficult, nonetheless, modern means cannot duplicate them. Tubular beads were even more difficult and came later in the Bronze Age in West Asia and the Indus Valley. Holes are generally not smooth nor even. SItes show many beads were broken in the process.

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5 Ways to Relax After a Busy Week

5 Ways to Relax After a Busy Week | Her Campus | Come to Bagels and Bites Cafe in Brighton, MI for all of your bagel and coffee needs! Feel free to call (810) 220-2333 or visit our website for more information!

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New Star Wars Posters Are Beautiful, But Luke Is Missing

I have a bad feeling about this...I mean, I am so incredibly pumped about it, I really want to see it, but I find their lack of Luke...disturbing...(nervously eats bagel)<<update: I've seen's amazing!!

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London's best late-night bars, restaurants, clubs and attractions

London's 24-hour Tube might be delayed, but that doesn't mean London shuts down after dark. We know the best late-night restaurants and bars, as well as 24-hour bagel shops and early morning yoga

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How to Make Real French Baguette Bread

French Baguette Bread -- i could literally eat an entire one, i love bread so much


Donut Bacon Cheeseburger. There is a reason we don't put chocolate sauce on Thanksgiving turkey. Just because two things are wonderful doesn't mean they with be even more wonderful if you mash them together.


How to Teach Your Dog to Stay Home Alone?

Does having a dog now mean that you'll be stuck at home for the next decade? Teach your dog to be home alone in five easy steps.