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How to Teach Your Dog to Stay Home Alone?

Does having a dog now mean that you'll be stuck at home for the next decade? Teach your dog to be home alone in five easy steps.

No-Fail Healthy Whole Wheat Bread Recipe. With this simple and delicious homemade bread recipe, you'll never buy store-bought bread again! Making your own bread is so much easier than you think and means you know exactly what you're eating. There are no chemicals or nasties in this recipe!

@leanbodysystemsjpl set me protein goals to hit. Challenge accepted! Yesterday I didn't do so well, only 110g into my 135-170g target, I had lots of protein in every meal but couldn't eat anymore. :-( I'm trying to eat more carbohydrates and protein in general: today I made a bigger breakfast (and lunch): A seeded bagel with 100g @wholeearthfoods peanut butter. Three egg scrambled egg with pepper, 50g Red Leicester cheese and 100g kale. That means this meal makes up just under half of my…

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the most delicious doughnut recipes

HAHAHA this should be in the dictionary :') I don't know why this makes me laugh so much...

Smoked Salmon Salad | Ingredients: Smoked salmon salad, Cherry tomatoes, Mixed salad leaves, Black olives and Creamy yogurt dressing.

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San Francisco makers' studio FRONT opens the shutters on warehouse kitchen...

Original windows in the double-height main area, plus the lack of front wall with the shutter up, means there’s loads of light. The industrial setting has been given a laboratory feel, through the use of scientific glassware, that reflects FRONT’s commitment to precision...

The name bánh cam literally means “orange cake” because these balls simply resemble oranges, not because there are any actual oranges in it.

Donut Bacon Cheeseburger. There is a reason we don't put chocolate sauce on Thanksgiving turkey. Just because two things are wonderful doesn't mean they with be even more wonderful if you mash them together.