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NORWICH MAMAS!! Anyone up for an impromptu mama lunch date tomorrow? I've broken my phone and need to go and cry at the geniuses and hope that someone can fix it. It would be super nice to turn a tedious task of travelling with a toddler into a nice lunch date where the kids can run wild and we can drink all the wine (because if you can't partake in day drinking when you're having a bad week when can you?). I've tagged a couple of mamas I know are Norwichians (that's a word right?) but my…

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Lol. "I've seen you study... I've seen over the past 6 years you bring shit back where you miss none or one question... I've seen you study for hours .. With an obsessive nature.. It's not normal.. You're not normal.. You've got the tools you just have to want it enough" #toomuchgoingon #lifeneedstojuststop


... When dealing with an adult who exhibits NPD - you're dealing with an adult who chooses to conduct themselves like an entitled fourth-grader! all the time


As the weather gets warmer I always feel more inclined to eat fresh fruit, salads and smoothies! My recent purchase of the Breville Blend-Active is making this even easier than before, and I’m excited to make “Smoothie of the Week” a potentially regular post… The Blend-Active is an individual sized… View Post