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We use 3/4 cup bacon grease and a bottle of Lester Fixin's Chocolate Bacon Soda in this Chocolate Bacon Soda Cake. The result is a super moist bacon cake.


Bacon Soda FloatYeah, you read that correctly. Bacon soda float. If you’re sitting there, scratching your head, with a ridiculous befuddled expression painted across your face, think: “Root Beer Float”. But instead of Root Beer, you use Bacon Soda. Ahhh. Now do you understand? Good. If not, you should probably stic...

from thrillist

Bacon Soda

Bacon Soda: The first collaboration between two iconic Seattle food/beverage crews (Jones Soda and Bacon Salt) -- this best-served-cold drink's both sweet and savory with a burst of porcine flavor that "tastes just like drinking a pig". #baconsalt #soda

from Vat19

Lester's Fixins Food Sodas - Bacon

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Bacon soda - lester's fixins meat flavored soda pop drink 12 oz glass bottle

This is bacon soda. It's not especially easy to find such a delicacy at your local corner store. It's worth looking for it. Do not decide it's a good idea to drop raw bacon into a can of Coke and drink the result.

from Lea & Jay

Irish Cheddar and Bacon Soda Bread

Here it is, only five days away from the big day...St. Patrick's Day. So I figure that it's time for some more Soda Bread folks! And today the Soda Bread I'm talking about is made even more fabulou...