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How To Massage Your Baby?

Finding best ways to get closer to your baby? Then baby massage is your answer. Here's how to give a baby massage & how it can help you and your little one.

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Baby Reflexology for the Modern Mom -

Reflexology is a holistic treatment which involves pressure being applied to the sole of the foot, using specific thumb and finger techniques. The feet are a microcosm of the body and every organ and body system is represented on the base of the foot. The Reflexologist will stimulate the reflex points, in turn causing a …

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How to soothe your baby with wind - baby massage to relieve gas #colic #BabyMassage - see more at

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Top 10 Baby Massage Oils - Know What's Best For Your Baby

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This pin has multiple remedies for a baby with colic. Mothers can find massaging and relaxation methods. These methods explain the best time to massage and relax your infant.

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The Benefits of Baby Massage How often do you massage your baby? SHARE this to other mothers too!

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Baby massage - helps with teething and colds ... this DOES work, I used to do this with my sons.

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Baby massage....except you should rub their tummies anticlockwise, as it helps with making their lil tummies work properly due to your guts work that way.

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The 5 Most Useful Tips For Baby Constipation

The 4 Mose Useful Tips for Reliving Baby Constipation | Baby Massage | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms |

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