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Ideas for repurposing formula cans

Formula cans turned hat/mitten storage. Use similar and do in closet on wall with unused space?

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Party favor tins- made out of empty formula cans and wrapping paper. I spray painted the lids and place a personalized sticker on it.

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How to Repurpose Old Formula and Snack Cans

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DIY Piggy Bank Tutorial made from an old formula can. Talk about tithing and then make 'Tithing Banks'. This would be a great craft for Activity Days.

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a bunch of ideas for what to do with old formula cans! Maybe I'm a hoarder but I hate throwing them away - Someone also suggested flower pots, I don't know if that's on here =)

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15 Brilliant Things to Do with Old Formula Canisters

Savvy uses for baby jars, formula scoops, and breast pump parts?

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